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The drug TRI-TRENABOL 150 British Dragon perfectly helps to remove excess water from the human body. In addition, the steroid is designed to burn fat, increase the strength of the athlete and, accordingly, to create a more sculpted, beautiful and attractive body.

Powerlifters take Trenabolone Enanthate to effectively work on the body and at the same time not change their weight category. Among bodybuilders, the drug is also very popular. They create relief, prepare for competitions.

TRI-TRENABOL 150 is more suitable for experienced athletes. For beginners, it is better to try other courses. The fact is that during the reception you need to especially monitor your diet and drink more water.

The drug is taken before the competition, in the offseason. Often combined with another steroid – with stanozolol. The latter will help to save the scores.


PharmaTREN E 200 is excellent for building quality muscle mass and increasing the strength of the athlete. A beautiful relief appears, including veins become obvious, excess fat is burned. There is an increase in nitrogen balance. Muscles become stiff and elastic.

Taking Trenbolone 200

TRI-TRENABOL does not need to be injected every day. The long half-life determines its long-term effect on the body. A sufficient amount of the drug will be 200 mg per week. If, without the decision of a sports doctor, to increase the dosage or frequency of administration, then side effects may appear.

Side effects TRI TRENABOL

Estrogens are produced when the half-life of the active substance occurs.Experts note that with high efficiency, the drug is also characterized by increased toxicity. The liver suffers quite seriously: the athlete may notice this as a result of tingling and pain in the side. In addition to the fact that TRI-TRENABOL 150 acts on the liver, it also affects the kidneys. Headaches, negative hypertensive reactions, blood flow from the nose, acne, and increased sweating may appear.

If the athlete notices a darkening of the urine, then it would be advisable to stop the injection of Trenabolone. It is best to consult a doctor about the course. This drug requires special attention to the health of the athlete.