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Turinabol has a moderate anabolic effect on the body and is a long-acting (delayed) steroid. Athletes who use

Turinabol, note a slow but steady increase in strength, relief and mass. Turinabol allows you to build better muscle weight. The drug does not undergo aromatization (does not turn into estrogens), therefore, it does not give such adverse reactions as gynecomastia (enlargement of the mammary glands), accumulation of body fat according to the female morphological type.

Turinabol helps to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood. The use of the drug helps to reduce the risk of developing blood clots in the vessels, it is widely used in bodybuilding.

Application and dosage:

The optimal dosage that does not give side effects is 40-50 mg per day (the amount is divided into 3 doses). This number is especially suitable for beginners. Experienced athletes who have already used anabolic steroids usually increase the dosage to 100 mg.

The course TURAGEN 12mg 100tab (Turinabol) is effective for drying and mass gain.

The duration of the cycle is 6-8 weeks.

If athletes practice longer courses, the use of gonadotropins and antiestrogen is required. Recommended post-cycle therapy, which is carried out with the use of estrogen blockers CLOMID or TAMOXIFEN.

For boxers, runners and wrestlers who care about speed rather than gaining mass, a dosage of 20-30 mg daily is acceptable.

Combination with other steroids: For mass, Turinabol is combined with Enontat or Sustanon 250. For drying, the drug is combined with Winstrol.