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OstroVit Mass It includes protein of animal origin, therefore, it is great as an additional nutrition for your muscles.

It is also worth adding that in OstroVit Mass It contain slow carbohydrates, which cannot but please your body! Slowly processed protein fractions contribute to the continuous supply of amino acids to muscle tissues.

The concentrated protein-carbohydrate complex from the Polish brand OstroVit contributes to a significant increase in the physical capabilities of athletes, it effectively fights overtraining syndrome and stimulates a quality set of muscles.

The enriched protein composition has the strongest anabolic effect, and carbohydrate components add energy during intensive work on the mass.

Many bodybuilders are familiar with some of the difficulties in developing a strong, resilient, sculpted body. Some of them are not predisposed to intensive weight gain or cannot eat heavily for this purpose.

In this case, the smart decision is to use this high-quality product with a rich combined composition. With it, you can supplement your daily diet with the right calories and natural macronutrients, balanced in quantity and quality.

In addition, the presented gainer is able to raise your energy potential to the maximum height. Bodybuilders who use it dramatically increase their physical and mechanical abilities and athletic achievements. Drinking this cocktail before visiting the gym, in the process of training, they get a powerful boost of energy.

Also, athletes are able to lift large weights, increasing the number of repetitions and approaches in all basic exercises.

Gainer is very popular among both professional bodybuilders and beginners who have recently come to the gym. All of them characterize it on the positive side, noting the increase in all their athletic performance after the start of its use.

Benefits of using:

  • the biocomplex fully replaces individual meals, supplying the body with all the necessary micro and macro elements for its effective functioning and progress in the training process,
  • a competent ratio of proteins and carbohydrates in a gainer has a noticeable anabolic effect without a side increase in body fat,
  • significantly increases recovery reactions in muscle fibers after active sports,
  • protein fractions balanced in terms of the rate of assimilation have different periods of absorption and thus provide a long period of saturation of muscle tissues with amino acids,
  • By completely replenishing the deficiency of glycogen in muscle fibers and the liver, it maintains the highest energy level for maximum return during physical activity and obtaining the best results.

Ingredients for 1 serving (100 g):

  • Energy value – 357 kcal
  • Proteins – 10 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 79 grams
  • That sugar – 25.50 grams
  • Fats – 0.15 grams
  • Fiber – 0.05 grams
  • Sodium – 0.05 grams

How to use: Take 3 times a day for 100-150 grams between main meals. Wake up your body with a serving of a gainer to suppress catabolic processes, distribute the remaining 2 servings throughout the day. Also, do not forget about taking a portion of the gainer immediately after training.