Muscletech Platinum Multi Vitamin is a multivitamin product that contains a number of other useful substances. It has a powerful beneficial effect on the body. The volume of the package is designed for 1 course lasting 30 days. The composition is selected to meet the need for antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. The complex will be especially useful for athletes during the competitive period. Vitamins will support the body in conditions of heavy loads, additional natural components provide an influx of strength, improve metabolism and strength indicators.

The main advantages of these vitamins from Muscultech:

  • Improvement in overall metabolism.
  • Rapid detoxification of the body.
  • Activating muscle growth and burning fat deposits.
  • Improves general and psychological performance.
  • Improves anabolism and muscle pumping.
  • Helps the body recover faster.
  • Strengthens the athlete's immunity.
  • It is recommended to buy MuscleTech Platinum Multi vitamin for those who want to get the maximum effect from training, improve overall well-being, and normalize weight. The complex performs another important function for an active person – it supports the work of the heart muscle. The components of the drug reduce the effect of lactic acid in the body. Thus, endurance is increased without harm to the body. Due to minerals, the fluid balance and acid-base balance are normalized. All nutrients are quickly broken down and absorbed due to the content of enzymes.

    How to use Muscletech Essential Series Platinum Multi Vitamin: Muscultech specialists recommend taking 1 serving (3 tablets) once a day in the morning after breakfast with a sufficient amount of water or juice 200-300 ml.