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One of the main components of Strombafort is stanozolol, which promotes the rapid growth of muscle cells. The drug accelerates the processes of the genetic background of cells, due to which proteins are synthesized faster, and tissues are saturated with oxygen faster. Together, these properties of Strombafort lead to a rapid build-up of muscle cells.

The drug has a huge number of positive qualities. Among them:

  • slowing down the process of removing water, sulfur, nitrogen and potassium from the body,
  • saturation of bones with calcium,
  • reduction in subcutaneous fat.

Strombafort comes in tablet form and is a good androgen. This anabolic is used to slow down the catabolic processes of corticosteroid production, as well as to increase strength and reduce the number of fat cells.

As for contraindications, there are practically none. The only thing – it can not be taken with individual intolerance. The daily dose for males should not exceed 50 mg, and for females – 10 mg. The course of admission is from 6 to 8 weeks. For a longer effect, Strombofort is recommended to be taken in conjunction with trenbolone, oxandrolone, fluoxymesterone, drostanolone and methenolone.