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Whatever the homegrown gurus of bodybuilding and fitness say, and without PCT-post-cycle therapy, in my opinion, not a single course should do. Unfortunately, mankind has not yet come up with steroids that do not suppress the production of endogenous testosterone. In any case, long courses, more than 5-6 weeks, even on the "softest" preparations, will overwhelm your own dough. As a result, after the course, we get zero dough, the highest level of catabolic hormones. Naturally, the recovery process would take quite a long time, and the loss of muscle mass would be inevitable if we did not come to the aid of drugs that quickly restore the HHJ arc. We will get to know one of them better. Meet: CLOMED in the vernacular clomid, aka clomiphene citrate.

Clomid 50 mg. trade name of the drug from Vermoge. Release form 50 mg. in 1 tablet, in a blister pack of 20 tablets.

Clomid is a rather highly specialized drug, it does an excellent job of stimulating the production of gonadotropins and its specialization lies in the fact that Clomid is used mainly after courses in which trenbolones and nandrolones were used. The fact is that, in this case, the usual tamoxifen cannot be used, since it increases the number of progestin receptors, thereby aggravating the progestin activity of the above medicines. Although it should be said that Clomed will be effective on PCT, after any drugs.

Clomid is an antiestrogen, but rather weak, it is not suitable for us to prevent the development of gynecomastia, as it shows a rather low activity in the mammary glands. If you are afraid of gynecomastia, or have already received gyno, in the form of an unpleasant bonus to aromatizing AS, then I recommend turning your attention towards such drugs as anastrozole, exedrol, letrozole and tamoxifen.
How to take Clomid after a course of AS, Clomid PCT.

Usually, after a course of therapy, Clomid begins taking into account the half-life of those drugs that you had on the course. Usually, in tablet preparations, this period does not exceed 24 hours. Those. you can start PCT the day after the last tablet, for example methane. In the case of long-playing broadcasts, everything is not so simple, here the periods are from several days to several weeks. After a course of the following drugs, Clomid begins to be taken only after the following time has passed:

Deca 14 days,

Boldenone 14 days

Trenbolone acetate 3 days

Primobol 10.5 days

Sustanon or Omnadren 18 to 21 days

Testosterone cypionate 12 days

Testosterone Enanthate 10.5 days,

testosterone propionate 3 days

Nandrolone-phenylpropionate -3 days,

It is necessary to take Clomid after the course in a dosage: 1st day – 3 tablets – 150 mg, day 2 to 14 – 100 mg, 14-28 days – 1 tablet 50 mg.

You can buy clomiver in our online store Pharma. Taking Clomid after the course, you will restore the arc in the shortest possible time, as well as get rid of the likelihood of estrogen-dependent side effects after the course.