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Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone) was first synthesized in 1960. The drug, like many others, was originally intended for medical purposes and only much later began to be used by athletes. Doctors have successfully used it to combat anemia. Also, with its help, it was possible to stimulate the recovery of patients and improve the general condition of the body. Doctors have confirmed the effectiveness of the drug in the fight against HIV.

Now the Bulgarian brand CYGNUS pharmaceuticals group is engaged in the production of the drug. The company's goal is to provide the best and tested products to customers. To do this, it has its own laboratory complex and European production.

Buy Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone)

The effectiveness of the drug. Buy Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone) today is not difficult. The tool demonstrates high anabolic properties, which allowed him to find application in the field of bodybuilding. The drug is actively used by powerlifters, bodybuilders and ordinary athletes. The addition of the active substance to the doping list led to the fact that Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone) was withdrawn from free sale. At the same time, online pharmacies offer everyone the opportunity to use it.

The drug gained its popularity thanks to the modified dihydrotestosterone. Aromatase during the application is excluded, as well as estrogen activity. The drug has progestogenic properties, affecting all receptors in the body. The tablet preparation has good anabolic activity.Already in the first days after taking Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone) shows its benefits. After passing 14 days, the athlete will be able to get at least 7 kg of quality mass. Additionally, there is an improvement in the condition of the joints and ligaments.

You can buy Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone) in order to reduce injuries. If we consider the funds on the market in terms of anabolic activity, then this drug is one of the best among them. With it, you can get additional strength, as well as increase overall endurance. Most often, bodybuilders over the age of 21 use the medication. We offer to buy Oxymetholone (Oxymetholone) at an attractive price to everyone.