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Primobol Primaged 100 EPF is a mild steroid drug with an optimal balance of anabolic and androgenic index. On Balkan Primobol, muscle mass is of exceptional quality, moreover, it is gained harmlessly.

The increase is slow, when the drug is discontinued, the result persists for a long time, with practically no rollback phenomenon.

Prima injectable does not aromatize, but may cause slight water retention. Primobolan from the Balkans is a frequent choice of beginners in the field of sports medicine, because it is harmless, and the muscles grow very high quality. On the course, it’s really possible to gain up to 5/7 kg, without fear that what you have gained will merge after you stop taking the AC.
One of the few drugs that can be used in the women's body fitness and bikini category, without a big risk of virilization.