Cut – Stack 150 is a new and one of the first steroid mixes from SP Laboratories Moldova. This composition of the steroid is designed for drying and burning subcutaneous fat while maintaining the gained muscle mass. The debut of the manufacturer SP Lab. 100% successful, because there are three main hormones in the Kat-Stack, the purpose of which is to keep muscle fibers and achieve a fight against adipose tissue. If your course goal falls within the above, then you are on the right page!

What is so good about this mix?? We have a great opportunity to look into this, and find out what he will give the bodybuilder on the course of steroids. As mentioned above, the anabolic contains three anabolic steroids, namely testosterone propionate – 50mg • drostanolone propionate [masteron] – 50mg • trenbolone acetate – 50mg. The total storage of active ingredient per ml of the drug is 150mg. Let's briefly discuss each of the components separately in order to understand their influence and aid in drying.

► Testosterone Propionate is one of the most important male hormones, which contributes to the preservation and gain of muscle mass, and also well levels the effect of trenbolone on the body, introducing which may slightly increase prolactin, but having testosterone in your course, you should not worry about it.

► Drostanolone Propionate or as many are accustomed to – Masteron is a pure anabolic for drying, since the active substance itself affects the removal of fluid from the body and muscles in particular, so we get more rigid and traced muscles, looking lean, high-quality and traced .

► Trenbolone Acetate – The steroid trenbolone has long been known for its fat-burning properties, and its acetate ester is one of the most commonly used cutting courses. With the right diet, tren is able to remove fat in problem areas without compromising strength performance.

As you can see, each substance individually is able to shape your body, and Cut – Stack SP and even more so … When choosing this particular steroid, you should not forget about the diet and maintaining a diet for weight loss. It will also be useful to add aromatase inhibitors to the course, for example, Anastrozole, as well as connect the combination of Clenbuterol + Triiodothyronine + Yohimbine. With such manipulations, you will not leave a single chance for subcutaneous fat!

The duration of the course depends on the state at the beginning of the course and the goals that you need at the end of the cycle. Usually within 6 – 9 weeks it is possible to solve the main part of the problem and upon completion, you can do pt. Also in the Cut-Stack course, Winstrol or its tablet form Stanozolol will not be superfluous. The optimal dose for an athlete weighing up to 95 kg is 1 ml every other day. With a higher body weight, it will be necessary to administer testosterone in separate injections, since the dose from the Mix itself will not be enough. Clomid + Cabergoline for 3-4 weeks is well suited for post-cycle. Clomid – 40 tab. 50mg each • Cabergoline – 4 tab. 1mg each