Cleno-Ged 100 tabs/40mg (Clenbuterol) is Golden Dragon's latest development for building muscle while getting rid of excess fat.

The dream of any athlete, be it a professional or an innovator, and just any person, to have a beautiful embossed body, is now feasible!
Cleno-Ged is an innovative drug that is able to break down fats and protect muscle tissue from damage, without side effects. The drug is used not only by overweight people, but also by professional athletes, weightlifters, armwrestlers, bodybuilders, etc., who need to effectively and safely get rid of excess fat.
The most effective actions of the drug, in addition to burning fat, also include a decrease in appetite and a decrease in anabolism reactions. In long-term studies, it was found that the anti-catabolic effect of Cleno-Ged is due to the blocking of Ca ++ dependent and ubiquitin-proteasome proteolysis. Acting on beta-2-adrenergic receptors of the central nervous system, this drug enhances the secretion of thyroid hormones. Any negative manifestations, based on the reviews that were observed when taking Cleno-Ged, were only in the first days of admission, and later became less noticeable and disappeared altogether.
The course of taking the drug is prescribed according to an increasing, stable, and then decreasing pattern: from the first to the sixth day, it is taken from 20 to 120 mg in ascending order (1 day – 20 mg, 2 days – 40 mg, etc.), from the sixth on the twelfth day we drink steadily 120 mg. per day, the thirteenth day 80 mg., the fourteenth day 40 mg. and take a break for two weeks.
The dosage for men and women is almost the same.Our consultants are very professional and competent to help you choose an individual dosage.
It is very important to buy the drug in the original packaging from the manufacturer, excluding the possibility of counterfeiting. High-quality and certified goods in Kyiv are sold on our website at the best price. It should be noted that the effectiveness and efficiency will also depend on the quality of the purchased drug.