Synthol is a non-anabolic drug used to locally increase muscle volume and give them an ideal shape. The drug was developed by German chemist Chris Clark in the 1990s. Especially common in professional sports before competitions. The name "synthol" comes by analogy with the nuclear fusion reaction, but this name was already patented, so later synthol began to be sold under the Pump-and-Pose brand (Pump-N-Pose – "download and pose"). Original synthol is officially marketed as a posing oil with the wording "site enhancement oil" for easy distribution.

Mechanism of action

Synthol promotes a local increase in muscle volume at the injection site. A possible mechanism of action includes an increase in the volume of the fibers due to the absorption of oil in them or the "flow" of the fibers with an oil base, as well as local inflammation, which is accompanied by swelling of the muscle.