This drug is a potent anabolic steroid. The speed and effectiveness of the action determine that it is taken by athletes of different levels for complete preparation for the competitive process. Trenabolone acts anabolic and burns excess fat well.

Benefits of Trenabol-100

The lack of conversion of the active substance into estrogens helps to avoid problems such as skin swelling. Athletes note that during the course they do not have gynecomastia – this is another significant plus of Trenabol-100.

If the athlete takes the drug for a long time or increases the dosage, then he is recommended to take parallel chorionic gonadotropin.

When preparing for competitions, remember that the active substance can be detected in the blood even 5 months after taking the drug.

Pros of Trenabol-100:

  • Muscle tissue grows. Experience shows that during the reception you can gain about 12 kilograms,
  • The strength of the athlete increases,
  • Excess fat is burned
  • Better growth hormone is produced to increase the effectiveness of training.
  • These benefits make it clear that Trenabol-100 is a very effective and beneficial drug for the athlete.

    British Dragon Trenabol 100 course

    Trenabol-100 is often taken alone, not combined with other steroids. The duration of the course is approximately one month. 50 mg of the drug is taken per day.

    If the athlete wants to increase his final result, then he combines Trenabol. To increase the mass, Trenabol-100 can be taken simultaneously with testosterone. For drying, a combination with stanozolol is perfect.

    Side Effects of Trenbolone

    There is such a negative phenomenon as a decrease in the testicles. To avoid this, you need to maintain a sufficient level of testosterone in the body. Gonadotropin, taken after a weekly course, will perfectly cope with this problem.

    Possible side effects:

    • Increase in blood pressure
    • Sleep disturbance,
    • Athlete's irritability
    • Acne.