Geranobol gives the following effects:

  • Gives a burst of energy
  • Increased fat burning during activity
  • Decreased appetite

Due to its composition, this drug gives a synergistic effect (each component enhances the action of the other).

Geranobol – composition:

  • DMAA (geranium) 50mg in the composition improves mood and activity, and also increases concentration during training.
  • Ephedra extract 50mg (not to be confused with the banned ephedrine) speeds up metabolism and promotes fat loss, and also suppresses appetite. Ephedra is the main fat-burning component in this preparation.
  • Caffeine 250mg, of course, increases activity, which also affects the quality of training!
  • Aspirin 150mg – is a pain reliever and can prevent the unpleasant feeling of exhaustion.


1 capsule half an hour before training. Do not take more than 1 capsule per day! Do not use less than 4 hours before bedtime, as you simply will not be able to fall asleep, but you can run.