We bring to your attention an injectable steroid with the best reputation in Ukraine – Testosterona P from the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. As the name of this steroid implies, its active ingredient is the short ester of Testosterone Propionate. In view of this, in order to fully complete the course of training, injections with Testosterone Propionate must be done quite often.

Ideally, Testosterona P is suitable for those athletes who work on the relief of their muscle mass, since it is better to use Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate to build muscle, that is, testosterone esters with a longer effect, which in the first place will eliminate the need for frequent injections. The advantage that Testosterone Propionate has, in contrast to long esters, is that it does not affect fluid retention in the body so much and has less aromatization in the body. In particular, this applies to taking with the right dosage and post-cycle therapy. In this case, the problems associated with an excessive amount of estrogen in the body will not disturb.

Testosterone Propionate is ideal for beginners, but is also used by professionals

It is impossible not to mention that Testosterone Propionate quite often becomes the choice of beginners, since it is still possible to build muscle mass with it, and a dosage of 50 milligrams, which is injected once every two days, is quite suitable for a two-month course, for which it will be possible to feel the result.Moreover, such a course will be safe, because Testosterone Propionate is quickly excreted from the body and if side symptoms appear, the course can be stopped urgently.

At the same time, it is worth noting that for other purposes, including with combined use, it may be recommended to buy Testosterone Propionate, whether it is Testosterona P from Balkan Pharmaceuticals or another injectable steroid with a similar active substance, and for use with a different frequency of injections and with other dosages, as there are many strength training programs today that use Testosterone Propionate.

A good choice would be to buy Testosterone Propionate as the first injectable steroid in training, after the athlete has already tested the effects of oral steroids firsthand and already has some muscle mass to work on in terms of quality and relief.

If you have any questions regarding Testosterone P, feel free to ask our consultants by phone, and you can be sure that the price of Testosterone Propionate in our store is at the lowest possible level.