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Canada Peptides Somatropin 191aa, a human growth hormone (HGH) analog that is produced by the anterior pituitary gland. Such a hormone is normally produced in the pituitary gland, but with a number of pathologies, as well as with hereditary disorders, its production may stop, which requires replacement therapy, i.e. administration of Canada Peptides Somatropin 191aa.

The hormone consists of 191 amino acids and has a great influence on muscle growth. In medicine, they are taken as anti-aging therapy, in small doses the hormone has a positive effect on all body functions – motility, tissue repair and rapid healing.

In addition to taking its direct part in stimulating muscle growth, it also:

  • normalizes metabolic processes (more proteins are spent on building muscles, less fat is deposited in reserve)
  • inhibits muscle catabolic processes
  • enhances the process of lipolysis (burning) of fats
  • increases the store of glycogen depot in the liver
  • allows you to quickly regenerate new tissues and heal body wounds
  • increases the size and number of cells of the liver, sex and thymus glands
  • improves skin tone (regulates collagen synthesis)
  • increases the growth of young people up to the closure of growth zones (25 years)
  • strengthens the articular-ligamentous apparatus
  • increases sexual activity
  • improves blood lipid composition (reduces bad cholesterol)

Somatotropin is the most powerful anabolic factor in muscle development, which simply must be in the arsenal of any beginner (and not only) bodybuilder.