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is a generic drug. Its range of activities is suitable for almost all sports. It significantly increases strength, endurance and lean mass. Does not burden the athlete with non-functional weight in the form of excess fluid. Performs the functions inherent in an anabolic steroid. Sports pharmacology is different. Each drug has its own steroid profile and direction of action. There are anabolic steroids for gaining mass, cutting, increasing endurance and physical parameters. They provide sports progress and real achievements. The action of anabolic steroid is similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. In other words, the drug mimics the action of testosterone in the body, increasing physical performance and hormonal levels. Needless to say, testosterone is the most important hormone for an athlete, the level of which affects progress and development. In its action, turinabol resembles the legendary steroid methandrostenolone, with the proviso that there are no negative effects in the form of water retention. Turinabol rewards the athlete with its effects: strength, speed, endurance, dry meat – without side effects. Turinabol is the most popular drug among athletes, runners, swimmers, tennis players. To date, turinabol is relevant in power sports and bodybuilding. They use it for absolutely different purposes – the drug shows itself well on mass and drying. And powerlifters confidently take an increase in strength indicators from the drug in preparation for competitions.Turinabol in bodybuilding is used to increase the dry and high-quality mass, the formation of relief and increase venousness. On the course of turinabol, fullness and stiffness of the muscles are observed without gaining side effects – it will not flood with water. With this drug it is good to start acquaintance with the world of pharmacology in general. It is safe, effective and easy to use. Presented in the form of tablets. If we take professional and experienced athletes, then, of course, they use Turanabol in combination with other drugs for mass or drying.
Effects of Turinabol
1. Increasing strength indicators. The anabolic steroid turinabol is able to significantly increase the physical potential of an athlete in a short time, without side effects in the form of a flood of water. In this case, the athlete can remain within his weight category with more advantageous positions. Successfully use this powerlifters and weightlifters. 2. Increasing endurance. Anabolic processes allow you to work more intensively. In this case, the athlete can run longer, swim, do more repetitions or strokes. In other words, perform more movements of the same force per unit of time. Turinabol successfully provides this effect. 3. Increase in lean muscle mass. Turinabol is similar to methandrostenolone, but without side effects. Clearly, Turinabol can be used to gain muscle mass and this is an effective strategy as we see real mass and texture, not fluid. 4. Increasing sexual activity. Previously, they even called turinabol – Sex Drugs – athletes could not think about the training process due to excessive sexual desire on the course.This effect of increasing libido improves the quality of life, raises vitality, drive, makes a person strive for new creations and creations. 5. Giving muscles rigidity. Turinabol provides an increase in high-quality and dry muscle mass. Makes muscles stiff, full and elastic. From which there is also a physical pleasure from this very fact and from the pumping during the training session. 6. Suppression of the stress hormone cortisol. Turinabol, as an anabolic steroid, a priori suppresses the production of stress hormone. 7. Anti-catabolic action. The steroid turinabol keeps muscle structures from destruction, even with highly intense and heavy loads. 8. Light fat burning effect. The drug can be used together with other anabolic steroids for cutting, complementing the synergistic effect. In fact, there is an effect of burning subcutaneous fat and an increase in dry muscles. In this case, it is possible to save the “necessary” and get rid of unwanted weight. 9. Improving the quality of life. Anabolic steroid, in addition to optimizing the training process, gives self-confidence. On the course, a person easily deals with his banal, life problems, is always in a good mood and on psychological courage. 10. Increased appetite. Turinabol starts anabolic processes, speeds up the metabolism, which can serve as an appetite stimulation. The body begins to ask for more nutrients to build muscle. Summing up the intermediate result, we denote the general impression of the use of the anabolic steroid turinabol. The athlete in the shortest possible time receives bonuses in the form of an increase in physical characteristics: strength, endurance, speed.For bodybuilding, turinabol is also relevant – an increase in dry muscle mass, relief formation and the formation of venousness. All this without piling up side effects. In addition, the use of turinabol increases sexual desire, mood, quality of life and gives self-confidence.
How to take Turinabol
The drug is presented in oral form. It is easy to determine the dosage that is suitable for yourself, gradually increasing it, based on your goals. Of course, in athletics there will be one dosage, and in bodybuilding many times more. So, boxers and runners use about 10 mg of turinabol per day.
Turinabol dosages
Turinabol dosages in bodybuilding are in the range of 50-75mg. This is the optimal amount of substance for a 100 kilogram athlete, without side effects. Given the half-life of 16 hours, the daily dosage should be divided into 2 parts in order to constantly maintain the peak content of the substance in the body.
What to associate turinabol with
Despite the fact that turinabol is not a super powerful steroid (which is compensated by minimal side effects), many athletes use it solo. Everything is driven by goals and Turinabol can meet the demand of many disciplines. In bodybuilding, turinabol solo is used by beginners who begin their acquaintance with pharmacology, and those who need to keep fit between the main AAS cycles. Turinabol is also used by women and juniors in preparation for competitions. In all other cases, it is advisable to combine turinabol with other anabolic steroids, creating interesting combinations where the components "cooperate" and complement each other.Turinabol for weight can be combined with testosterone, nandrolone decanoate, sustanon. In fact, methane can be replaced with turinabol if you want a better muscle gain. Turinabol for drying is used together with trenbolone, winstrol, testosterone propionate. In fact, you can try a combination of oral steroids for burning fat and gaining quality muscles – what everyone dreams of – turinabol, stanozolol, oxandrolone.
Turinabol course
One of the course options using turinabol may look like this. The duration of the course is 6 weeks. Turinabol 20 mg per day Testosterone enanthate 250 mg per week Sustanon 250 mg per week. After that, conduct a PCT, connecting antiestrogens – tamoxifen. This course is an elementary combination for gaining muscle mass and strength. For more detailed information, it is recommended to contact specialists who will control the entire process and will be able to expand the boundaries of the hit steroid turinabol.
Side effects
Turinabol is an oral drug that can affect the functioning of the liver. In practice, no harmful effects on the liver have been recorded, as they exaggerate. Turinabol only increases the activity of the liver, but does not harm or disrupt the functioning of the organ. Suppression of own testosterone is insignificant, almost imperceptible – about 20%. With the refusal to use AAS and carried out PCT, the production of endogenous testosterone is restored. Turinabol is considered a mild drug, because it is often used by women and juniors in preparation for competitions. All drugs that are discussed in the article, you can purchase from our online store with delivery